Our history on the web

In the early 2007 the first version of wennebjorke.se was made. A new site that wasn´t very advanced. All functions were written in PHP but without database. We got a free guestbook, and the diary was written month by month in plain html. The gallery was terrible and very hard to add new pictures to. This site was very popular though, and we thank you all for that.
We made improvements during the next few months, one of them was a database driven guestbook that still is in use.

We lauched the site you´re now looking at 1st June 2008. The homepage isn´t made in any certain application, everything is more or less handwritten in a generic texteditor. Some of the work is done with Adobe Dreamweaver, and the graphics are made in Adobe Fireworks/Photoshop.

Improvements are made to this homepage regulary, and now we´ve just launched the English version. It´s not completely translated such as our exhibitions & results page.

Earlier we had the homepage www.wennebjorke.se but we´ve moved all information to this site instead.

We hope to be able to launch even more fun homepages in the future!

Written by Kim Brandt
Webmaster and Designer of dowitis.se